Allura's Long Gundam Wing Fanfics
Allura's Long Gundam Wing Fanfics

Most of these fanfics will begin under the Short Fanfics Archive, but they will be moved here if they exceed 10 or more chapters.

A Hero's Journey It has been several years since peace has been achieved. Everyone has gone their separate ways. Yet, a new threat brings everyone back together. **Finished.**

The Journey Forward Continuation of "A Hero's Journey." The Blood Moon faction has been taken down but the aftermath still lingers. Life moves ever forward. **Parts 10-13 posted.**

You Shouldn't Have to Say Goodbye Warning--a dying fic. Relena is captured and is punished for resistance before the guys can arrive top help. **Finished.**

A Legacy of Stars The political bickerings and warring factions refuse to stay buried in the past, pulling the Gundam pilots and a new generation into the continued battle for peace. **Parts VII is posted**