8/16/08 Finally an update.

I've added parts 10-13 of the Journey Forward. It's under the long fanfics. Enjoy.

8/8/07 Yep, it's an update.

I've posted parts 8-9 of The Journey Forward. More soon. Enjoy.

6/18/07 Small update.

I've posted parts 6-7 of The Journey Forward. Enjoy.

5/8/07 An update.

I've posted parts 3-5 of The Journey Forward. Enjoy. I hope to update again soon.

3/30/07 Small update.

The next part of The Journey Forward is posted. Now that I've finished another project, I can focus on this story. Expect a longer update next time.

3/18/07 At last, an update.

First part of The Journey Forward is posted. It's the continuation of A Hero's Journey. You'll find it under the Long Fanfics. Enjoy.

6/18/06 It's finished.

That's right. A Hero's Journey is finally completed. Enjoy.

4/26/06 An update.

I have parts 53-54 up for A Hero's Journey. I promise this story is winding down, but I still have a few surprises left before I'm done. Please remain patient with me.

01/31/06 Update is here.

Parts 49-52 are now posted. I have changed how the chapters are listed so there wouldn't be so much scrolling to get to the new parts. Tell me what you think: love it or hate it. If a majority hate it, I will go back to the straight listing of parts.

05/15/05 Another update.

I have parts 46-48 for A Hero's Journey up. Believe it or not, this story is winding down. As always, any feedback is appreciated.

04/17/05 Finally, finally, an update.

I know it has been forever since I have posted for my GW fics. I'm very sorry and I am extremely grateful for your amazing patience. Here's your reward: the next three parts of A Hero's Journey are up. Enjoy.

07/26/04 It's been a while.

And I completely apologize. Life has been crazy and I do write other stories. I have 3 new parts up for A Hero's Journey and a new part for A Legacy of Stars.

Don't except new Gundam fanfiction from me until at least September. I'm trying to finish two other major fics by August. But, in light of this last wait, this doesn't seem so bad.

02/08/04 Yes, a real update.

I have new parts for A Hero's Journey and A Legacy of Stars. Sorry the site has been down. Problem should be fixed.

10/11/03 An update.

I have new parts for both A Hero's Journey and A Legacy of Stars. I've gotten several requests for more comedy. I'll try, but the drama comes much easier for me.

Until next time.

09/07/03 Brief update.

Part 36 of A Hero's Journey is now up. Look for more with the next update. Whenever that may be.

On a happier note, this site has won an award (my first). See the Sanctuary page.

07/01/03 Just a quickie.

Parts 34 and 35 are up for A Hero's Journey. Nothing for Legacy this time, but I'm fighting the writer's block.

05/17/03 Finally, an update.

I have posted Interlude I and Part III for A Legacy of Stars. Please read the author's note, which has been added. Also, there is a new one-shot called Keep the Candle Burning, which features the Duo/Hilde pairing.

Expect another update in about two weeks.

Until next time.

04/06/03 An update with little or no prompting.

I've posted the next parts of both A Hero's Journey and A Legacy of Stars. Enjoy.

Until next time.