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This page was last updated on May 2, 2010.

I have edited Book II of Sailor Sol and editing Book III both in terms of content and formatting. I hope to get back to the AU "Dark is the Night" soon.

Please, any feedback will be appreciated. Also, continue to check this site and Sarah's Sanctuary for new material as I continue to work on various projects.

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Jupiter's Gone A Crystal Tokyo fanfic. Sailor Jupiter has died and her five daughters must face her killer's challenge. **Book I: Jupiter's Gone edited.**
The Saga of Sailor Sol A new major character fanfic. Celeste Halley thought she had finally found a normal life after the death of her guardian and her parents. However, one night is she attacked by two weird women, changing her life forever. **Book II edited. Editing Book III.**
A Rainy Day Afternoon A Serena/Darien fanfic. While she is caught by a storm, Serena finds an unlikely rescuer in Darien. **One-shot.**
Memories A short fanfic from the beginning of Sailor Moon R. **One-shot.**