About the Sanctuary
About the Sanctuary

Welcome to Sarah's Sanctuary! As of January 21, this site is now eleven years old. Sadly, the Sanctuary was initially some cheesy outer space-oriented graphics and a list of links. What is even more sad was that a friend had to do most of the construction.

However, I have learned a lot since then. The Sanctuary has been revised numerous times and has grown from a list of links to other people's pages to an archive of my writings, which includes fanfics as well as original fiction and poetry. It will continue to grow as I add new stories with each posting.

To due several repeated questions, I have decided to place some policies I have for the Sanctuary here. Please, understand that I devote a great deal of my free time to the Sanctuary and I am always striving to make it better.

UPDATES--I have tried in the past to maintain a regular posting schedule with varying degrees of success. However, since I have more demands on my time, updates will become even more irregular. Sorry, but it is the best I can manage.

Also, because of the number of continuing storylines, I am unable to add to all of them during each update. However, I try to rotate between the different stories unless inspiration hits me for one particularly series. The main update will be at the Sanctuary's main page, but the individual fanfics have a date of their last individual update.

CONTENTS--What does this site hold? Mainly my writings: original and fanfiction. It also holds readers' polls, banners to link to this site and individual fanfics, and links to other sites I'm affiliated with.

Original contents--short stories, multi-part story, autobiographical story, drabble and poetry

Fanfiction series--Chronicles of Narnia, Escaflowne, Firefly, Gundam Wing, Harry Potter, Heroes, Hex, House, Inuyasha, The Mummy, The Other Boleyn Girl, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sailor Moon, Trigun, Twilight, and Voltron

FEEDBACK--Feedback is always appreciated. It truly means a lot to hear from the people who visit my site. There are several guestbooks and places to e-mail me (allura_1999@yahoo.com). I may not respond immediately, but I will write you back.

SUBMISSIONS--Because of time constraints, I do not to post other people's work (fiction or art) on this site. It would be unfair for me to say yes and then have things come out wrong. Besides I have hardly enough time to write and post my own writings, let alone be responsible for the work of others. However, there are several sites out there that offer such services.

AND NOW unto happier things. I hope that you continue to enjoy the Sanctuary. It will continue to grow if people continue to read my stories. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.