Sarah's Sanctuary--Original Work

This page was last updated on May 2, 2010.

I have added a poem called "A Little Too Late". I hope to finish "Daughters of the Goddess" with the next update. Enjoy.

A Unique Creature Short story. Elise moves in with her uncle after the death of her parents and uncovers a long-held family secret.
Retribution Short story. Revenge is a dish best served cold.
The Content of Our Character Short story. A simple English assignment has unintended consequences.
Inheritance Short story. It had been almost seven years since Rachel had been at her grandmother's house. It had taken a reluctant promise to the dying woman to bring her back. But her inheritance is more than she bargained for.
The Muse Auditions Short story. My muse had deserted me and I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Daughters of the Goddess Multi-part story. Rian and her sisters are priestesses of the Goddess in their village. Many of the villagers are turning their backs on the old ways, risking the anger of the Goddess. Though village would not heed their warnings, the priestesses may be the ones to pay the ultimate price. **Part 11 posted.**

Adopting Allura An autobiographical story. Allura99 was not the identity I had originally wanted. It was something born out of necessity for a stupid school assignment. But some times the thing we don't want is the thing we later need. **One-shot**

A Table Discussion Drabble inspired by a challenge. Had to use the words lint, diploma and imbibe.

Gold A short narrative inspired by a honeymooning couple and a beautiful sunset.

In the Moon's Light Poem. A girl finds peace in the night.
A Woman's Reply to Men Parody. A poem mocking Christopher Marlowe's "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love".
All Okay Poem. "Maybe this time it will be all okay."
Lamentation Poem. Lamentation: an expression of sorrow or mourning.
As I Say Goodbye to You Poem. How did it come to this?
Quiet Poem. Based on thoughts I had while working in the hospital.
Tell Me a Tale Poem. Tell me a tale, a tale that entertains me, that captivates and inspires me, that keeps me begging for more.
Kitty, Kitty Poem. A little poem about the love/hate relationship between me and one of my cats.
A Bad Day Poem. A humorous poem about those bad days.
Just Getting By Poem. A poem about a couple drifting apart.
Broken Poem. You were an artist, deftly crafting a broken heart.
My Hometown Poem. A poem about the place where I grew up.
A Second Death Poem. A poem about trying to remember a lost loved one.
Trepidation Poem. A decision must be made.
Ponder Poem. A simple sunset, a simple question.
A Little Too Late Poem. Your place was by my side but I learned it a little too late.